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 Kyle Tiernan’s Draw-Along Elementary School Assembly Quotes From Park Village Elementary in San Diego!

Janet Shalinsky – Kyle, I think you did a great job with the assembly. You have the kids right in the palm of your hands every second. Not an easy task, even for seasoned teachers!

I had one parent come the next day and tell me her two kids couldn’t stop talking about their creations all evening. It is such a confidence booster to give kids manageable tools and techniques and let them succeed. Success breeds more success, so all in all you have a winner of a concept.

Thanks again Kyle for a fabulous and worthwhile assembly!

Mary Lou Harshman – I am a Kindergarten teacher at Park Village Elementary School where you recently had an assembly. I was very impressed with how you handled over 250 five and six year olds. You kept them engaged and interested in drawing. On top of that, they were all so excited about their drawings! Not only are you a good artist, but you have the ability to teach young children how to draw! I plan on telling our PTA to have you back next year! Good luck to you in the future and I hope to see you back here soon!

Julienne Stouder – We loved how you combined fun with learning. You had those kiddos eating out of the palm of your hand. They were focused and engaged. It was clear you knew how to motivate, and pull them back. I would say, overall, this was a wonderful experience for the students, and I would definitely recommend it to other sites.

Heather Marker – Your assembly was so impressive that I bragged to all the parents at a fieldtrip about how wonderful it was.

They chimed in that their kids came home and told them how much they loved your assembly. They were all impressed with how well the pictures turned out. I loved your control of the kids. It was amazing to look at a sea of over 250 faces quietly listening and drawing – and oftentimes laughing 🙂 You did a good job of balancing having fun with learning. My students all learned that pencils can paint with the black end or white end! I keep waiting to see someone show up with a baggy of dust bunnies, but it hasn’t happened yet! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with our school!

Cindy Alfonso – Thank you so much for sharing your drawing talents and “secrets” with our students! It was a wonderful assembly and the timing was perfect, especially since we just finished our STAR standardized state testing last week. (It was a nice break from all the tests!) All of my third grade students were able to do the drawings and when we came back to the classroom, they all wanted to continue to draw! You had terrific audience control and I feel what you taught the students about drawing was very valuable! (Even a few of my students who normally felt they couldn’t draw, felt confident about their artwork and wanted to take their papers home to show their parents.)

Again, thanks for coming to our school. You did a great job with our students!

Jan Willey – Just a note to tell you how much our children loved your assembly. I have a kindergarten class that is not known for their ability to sit still. You had them enraptured for 45 minutes. They have been asking me when you will return for another assembly. Your pacing was just right and you redirected them a positive way. I really like the way you incorporated the geometry strand of California State Standards in your lesson.

Thank you again. I hope you will be on the schedule to return next year.

Roxanne Martes – Just thought I’d let you know I thought you did an awesome job yesterday with the kids. They were motivated, interested and you had great group control. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us…my 5th graders loved it!

Kelly Lasho – Thank you Kyle for coming to our school to teach our kids a thing or two about drawing. My kids were so excited and they just loved you! All of my kids were paying attention and staying on task which alone is a monumental task. You were very “animated” (Ha!) and had a great pace. The drawings were great and the children want to learn more. Also, thanks for calling on the kids all the way in the back of the auditorium, that rarely happens.

Christie Valdez – The kids were engaged the whole time and that is saying a lot for kindergarten and first grade students sitting for 45 minutes. I liked the way you had them move their arms and make sounds to accompany their movements. The pacing was appropriate and the content was grade appropriate. I really enjoyed the assembly and was very impressed!

Dayna Helfer – My kids absolutely loved the assembly yesterday. I have never seen a group that large so completely engaged and HAPPY! They enjoyed your hands-on approach to drawing! You were dynamic and kept their attention the entire time. For 5, 6 & 7 year olds, that is a tough thing to do! The kids were very proud of the drawings they did and couldn’t wait to share them with their families! We hope you’ll return again next year!