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Teachers from Red Hawk Elementary (in Temecula) comment on Kyle Tiernan’s amazing elementary school assemblies!

Melissa Ellis – Now that it’s Spring Break, I am finally emailing you feedback about your assembly. It was wonderful!! My biggest concern during assemblies is crowd control, and your management techniques were awesome. We had kinder through third grades packed into the multipurpose room and every single student stayed on task nearly the whole assembly. You kept the students involved by asking them to, for instance, grab the sticky, gooey eyballs from the air and plop them onto the fish. They loved the imagery and the interaction. You also have a great sense of humor. 🙂

Loren Fredrickson – I am a second grade teacher at RHES. My students came to your 1:30 assembly. They were well behaved and highly engaged. I don’t think any of them had the thought that they couldn’t do it. Their efforts were most impressive. We will fininsh them in class and then mount their first choice for open house. I was most impressed by your engagement strategies. There were over two hundred students at the assembly and you could have heard a pin drop at times because all were involved with their drawings. Thank you for making drawing easy and understandable for even the youngest students.  Kudos for your passion and abilities.