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I’ve presented my elementary school assemblies throughout California for many years, and almost every single year, I visit Rio Plaza Elementary and the others in their district. Here’s what their teachers think:

Nancy Ramos – First of all I would like to thank you for a wonderful and interactive assembly. I have never seen an assembly that engaged the students the way you did. I will recommend you to anyone who wants their students to know that they too can be artists. Your presentation was very engaging. All the teachers were amazed at your ability to get all the kids focused and DRAWING without any problems. It made them believe in their ability to illustrate anything they want. This was well spent PTA money.

Vanessa Salas – I thought the assembly and family night were awesome. The students were all really into their drawings. All of the students had an accomplished piece of work when the assembly was over. I enjoyed the way you used academic language for the shape that were incorporated into the drawings they were creating. The students will benefit by this assembly because they will become confident in their drawings. Thanks for coming to our school and doing a wonderful job!

Kari Hayes – Hey Kyle!  I was one of the teachers who saw you at Rio Plaza School in Oxnard.  I teach a 4th grade class that loved your drawings.  They were so excited and inspired.  I think the pace was great for the students majority of the time.  If you gave them too long I feel you would have lost the attention of the group.  If I had to change one thing it would be that you had more time with the students to share more with them – 50 minutes flies by!  The students loved how you were able to relate to them through cartoons that they watch.  It was great how you were able to teach them about art vocabulary and concepts.

Wendy Bjork – Thank you so much for an amazing assembly!  My 20 first graders joined 140 other kindergarten and first graders.  I was pleasantly surprised at how you were able to hold their attention and get them drawing in no time.

For many of our students English is a second language that they are still learning, but they were fully engaged and following your simple, fun directions.  You gave them a new ways to think of the 2D and 3D shapes that they learn about in our curriculum.

Furthermore, I had to agree with many other teachers that our students seemed much calmer and happier the rest of the day.  It was a breath of fresh air!  Thank you!

With that said, the best part of the day was when you returned at night for a Family Art Night.  I thoroughly enjoyed being able to bond with the students and their parents at something that was non-threatening to them (we weren’t talking about grades and the students weren’t “performing”).  I attended with my high school aged son and everyone had a great time!!

Any school fortunate enough to host you for what will surely be the one assembly the students remember, will be spending their money wisely.  We’d love to have you around permanently!