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Rio Real Elementary School’s Principal and teachers comment on my elementary school assemblies!

Carolyn A. Bernal – Principal – Thank you so much for a most excellent interactive assembly that not only kept the students engaged the entire time but also hit key vocabulary in the areas of Art and Mathematics which is so important to constantly reinforce with our English Learners. Your energy was high and you are so enthusiastic about what you do. The feedback I got from the students is that they loved it and felt really successful and confidant as drawers.

Thank you again!

Jeff Linder –  I loved your assembly!! First, your assembly was the first that I have seen that distributes information about the assembly to the staff a few days before the event.  It is nice to know what to expect and what to prep our kids for.  Second, you were great with the kids.

All the kids were engaged for the entire assembly.  Next, great use of vocabulary throughout the assembly.  I heard my kids talking about how you used many of the words that we studied earlier in the year during our geometry unit.  I like how you used a high level of vocabulary but modeled it and used visuals in a way that my students with limited English were able to follow.

Finally, I love that ALL the students got to be actively involved in the assembly by producing their own art work.  When we got back to class we placed their work around the room and then pretended we were at an art museum and walked around viewing each others work.  I also had fun drawing along with they students.

Mariela Plascencia – I just want to go ahead and give you some feedback regarding the assembly you presented today at our school. First of all the students were all very engaged. I think this has been the most engaging assembly my students have ever attended. They were all very motivated and felt a great deal of success as they looked at their drawings. I really enjoyed how you used humor but also a high level of academic vocabulary such a naming geometric figures. They didn’t even know they were learning as they were drawing which made it really cool. Once again thanks for taking the time to come to our school and giving both students and their parents the opportunity to attend together in an evening performance tomorrow night. Best of luck in your future endeavors.