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Couple quick testimonials from Roosevelt (in San Gabriel, California) about my draw-along school assemblies.

Cecilia Keffer – I am a fourth grade teacher and was present for your 4/5 assembly. I wanted to tell you that I loved your assembly. I so appreciated your patience with English learners- for example, when they didn’t know the words porthole or submarine. I loved your connection to their world – knowing what they are interested in, their TV shows, books, etc. I’m a parent of two and you spoke to universals in our kids world! I thought you had a great sense of humor and natural rapport with kids. Your drawing tips were great. Very step by step- even I could follow, and that’s saying a lot!

Gabriel Cabrera – My class and I loved your assembly.  You were able to engage all of my students and give them a real sense of accomplishment and pride.  Even my most uncoordinated students were able to produce an impressive piece of art instead of stick figures.  Thank you for coming to us and showing us the correct way to draw.