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One of my favorite places in California is Simi Valley, where I recently performed my school assemblies at Sycamore Elementary. 

Barbara Zoumbaris – 
Thank you for doing a great job at our school this morning. I have a kindergarten class and was really pleased with how well you interacted with all the students. In our morning assembly there were about 200 kids ready to draw from K-3rd grade. I was a little skeptical about how can someone teach drawing and control the audience in this forum. How wrong I was. You did a great job!

At all times the students were engaged. I like how you had them use their arms and voices to join in with you as you were explaining a concept. These young kids sat for 45 minutes and were able to listen to you and follow your directions. I also liked how the kids were able to leave with something that they drew and it turned out great (3 pictures fish, whale, crab). That is very unusual for an assembly. Unfortunately many assemblies are presented to us and we are not a part of.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I ask the kids tomorrow what our assembly was about they will be able to recite everything back to me with ease!

I will recommend you to others. I really can’t think of a suggestion to share with you. My main pet peeve is poor crowd control and you had it under control at all times 🙂

Brenda Alban –
The assembly was great!  My 1st graders were so engaged throughout the entire assembly.  ALL of my students were successful, even those who typically struggle with fine motor activities. Later in the day, we drew a penguin.  I was able to use some of your pointers and things that you told the kids in the assembly.  I think drawing is a valuable skill for kids to have.  It allows them to use another part of their brain and actually calms them way down. 


Thanks again for a great assembly.  Thanks for allowing ALL students to actively participate the WHOLE time and not just a few, which is typical of other assemblies.


Janet Herman – 
Hi Kyle, I appreciated the way you talked to the kids and the use of hands on during the assembly.  It was so much more meaningful that way.  The kids were very engaged for the entire hour (which is amazing for 5 year olds) and seemed to keep up with the clear instructions.  When we came back to class, the kids were buzzing about how much fun they had.  We will definitely telling to PTA to have you come and visit our school again. Thank you for a wonderful, fun filled morning. 

Vickie Beard – 
I really liked the assembly a lot. I teach 1st and my students pictures were recognizable as the subject you gave instruction on. The kids loved it and were engaged. My students were quite proud of what they has accomplished. We do a lot of illustration in our classroom and it was very helpful. Your audience was very well controlled and I liked the way you made them repeat back what you had said.