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When Kyle Tiernan took his elementary school assemblies to Colorado, here’s what some of the teachers at Tollgate had to say about it:

Kristin Hiza – My students loved your assembly! I’d even go as far as to say it was the best one we’ve had at Tollgate all year long! 

It was totally age level appropriate (I teach 5th grade) and the length was just right  – I bet they could have sat still for even longer, to be honest! I’d tell anyone thinking about a draw along assembly to go for it – it’s a totally different assembly then anything they’ve ever seen before, and it’s really engaging to the kids!

Audience control was great – firm, but still a lighthearted atmosphere, which is important  with kids.  I do think that they took something of value from it – they were actually just today making social studies posters and just talking about the “tennis ball” size for how big to start with making their drawings on their posters!    I think it benefited them in that it actually helped some of them that think they can’t draw that they really  can, and helped kids that already feel confident in their drawing abilities to actually think about things (like math) that go into considering when they are drawing! Great job! Hope to see you again!

Susie Yoon – My students REALLY enjoyed the assembly.  They loved working with different shapes that weren’t “boring” and use their imaginations to draw something that they never thought they could.  They especially enjoyed making the cartoon characters into characters of their own preference by adding their own creative ideas to it.  This was a valuable experience for my students that left them inspired for art.

Madison Acklam – I thought you did an excellent job at our assembly last Wednesday, April 8. Your drawings were fantastic, and the students could easily keep up with you. Your audience control was amazing as I am sure managing 300 students is not an easy job.

I think having an art assembly really brought out talents in some students that do not have a chance to be shown sometimes.