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Teachers at Vallemar, in Pacifica, California, totally loved the elementary school assemblies when I visited their campus a couple years back.

Laura Vuskovic – Thanks for coming to our school this week.  I have to say that my class really enjoyed you and drawing some neat pictures.  You kept it funny and at their level.

It was interesting to see that all the figures started with simple shapes and/or types of lines.  I hope to see my class try out some of the drawing secrets in the future. I liked how you stressed in the letter to us that teachers were not to “correct” them during the assembly.  I caught myself wanting to tell some kids to “draw it larger” or something, but I held it back…and their pictures looked great.

Alyce Wassall – Your assembly was wonderful.  I used to be in charge of assemblies until two years ago.  I always had trouble finding good ones that would appeal to kindergarteners up to sixth graders.  This one was a winner.  Any time you get kids to do hands-on learning, they love it and learn more.  The children were fascinated by your approach to art.  They all came away with three great drawings and couldn’t wait to color them when they got back to the classroom.  They are still talking about the “cool” assembly. Thanks for everything.  It was the best!

Katie Davis – Thank you for visiting our school and providing our students with an entertaining and educational assembly!  The children loved learning how to create easy step-by-step drawings.  They couldn’t wait to get back to their classrooms to color their illustrations.  It was exciting to see how proud the kids were of their artwork, especially the children who usually struggle with art.  The students grades K – 6 were engaged and entertained by your presentation.  You had great behavior management with the children and allowed for audience participation.  Thank you for a wonderful assembly!  I would definitely recommend “Kyle’s Cartoon Platoon” to other schools!

Mattie Sanossian – I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your assembly yesterday. The kids really enjoyed it and felt empowered at being able to do it.  I teach Kindergarten at Vallemar and a lot of my kids struggle with drawing, and making it look perfect.

It’s nice to have an assembly that isn’t over their heads. Kinders are usually pretty restless and chatty, but there wasn’t a peep out of them during the show, and all of them came away thrilled with what they could do. You showed them that they could do as long as they try their hardest.  I was amazed at their drawings.  You really had a great way with them and all the kids were on task and working hard.  That is a  hard thing to accomplish.  Kudos.  Thanks very much for coming.  It was one of the best assemblies we’ve had.