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Teachers at Valley Center Lower Elementary share their insights, comments and thoughts about Kyle Tiernan’s elementary school assemblies.

Kathy Yarush – Thanks for the great assembly!  The students and the teachers LOVED it! I really appreciated how you ensured success by being really specific on what supplies students needed to bring to the assembly.  You were entertaining and we all enjoyed your sense of humor as you told funny stories as you drew.  You gave clear instructions and modeled each drawing step-by-step so that even our English Learners and Special Education students could feel successful.

You tied in math standards and reviewed geometric concepts such as two and three-dimensional shapes and parallel lines.  You made the kids realize that they could produce high quality drawings using simple shapes.  When we returned to class, the kids were excited to color their drawings, which we saved.  You had great control over the students, encouraged audience participation,  and used effective signals to bring them back in. The  assembly was truly interactive!  I would highly recommend it to  other schools and we would love for you to come back to our school again!  Thanks!

Maria Cordero – I personally enjoyed the assembly a lot! I learned a great deal about drawing (as a child I was told by an drawing teacher that I did not have talent and that I should try something different like dance). Your drawing techniques are simple and effective which allow children to succeed while drawing and therefore increasing their self-esteem.

Even the students that complain all the time about not being able to draw were able to have a end project they were proud of. Today, Tuesday the 29th, my students came back thrilled telling me about the experiences they had teaching their family members how to draw. The pace of the assembly was just perfect for the age group, not too fas, not too slow. Your management techniques are interesting and allow the children to follow along easily.

BriAnna Welch – The kids loved you!! They all wanted to put their drawings in their memory books.  I was really surprised that the kids were so into what you were drawing plus relating the drawings to Sponge Bob never hurts. I would most definitely tell everyone about you. You were awesome! Thank you for the wonderful drawing assembly!

Jenny Anderson – My students throroughly enjoyed your assembly today. You did a great job of controling the group and used characters and examples that the kids were familiar with. I also appreciated the way you incorporated science (baleen, whales), math (shapes, solid figures), vocabulary (porthole, etc). You also gave them practical skills such as how to draw hands, and make objects appear 3-D.

You definitely worked at their level, and I liked how you made it very clear that they did not have to do it perfectly and they shouldn’t worry if theirs looked different than yours. Overall, I felt that the assembly was fun, enjoyable and educational for the students. And we teachers had fun, too!