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A couple testimonials from teachers at Westwood Elementary in Concord, California about Kyle’s draw-along school assemblies.

Karen Mraovich – Kyle came to Westwood two days ago. As far as I know, we have never had an art-based assembly before.  I teach kindergarten and I was a little hesitant about the assembly because of the focus abilities of some of my class. 

I was wrong to be hesitant!

The entire K, 1 and 2 presentation was totally focused and attentive and very well-behaved.  All of my class did well with the art and loved the assembly.  They were all involved with the drawing and were happy with their products. Kyle’s management skills were great and he delivered good information.  Thank you, Kyle!

Marie La Rosa – Thank you so much forn coming to our school, Westwood Elementary.  I really enjoyed your presentation and so did the students.  I was very impressed at how engaged the students were during the assembly.  Your interactive assembly is such a great idea.  I wish all assemblies were interactive!  You have an excellent, fun way of managing the students.  They quieted and listened when you needed them to.  This also made the assembly enjoyable for me because I did not have to constantly manage my class.  As a result, I was able to participate in the drawing.  My students were very proud of their drawings!  So proud that I gave them some time in the afternoon to color them.  Thank you again.

Michaela Bradley – Dear Kyle, I want to thank you very much for one of the best assemblies I have been to with my students. As a fifth grade teacher who never learned how to draw I can tell you that I was most impressed. My students all said before the assembly, “Ms. Bradley, if Mr. Tiernan can teach you how to draw he must be good.” After the assembly they looked at my drawings and a collective, “Wow, he’s good!” could be heard across the campus.

Sometimes it is hard to reach fifth grade students with assemblies. (you know they are too cool) yet, all my students were so excited and so proud of their drawings. They brought them home to color and share, and returned them to me this morning so we can put them up next week for Open House.

I also appreciate your sense of humor (sister, brother jokes). You had great control of over 200 students, some with very special needs. I want to thank you so very much. I loved your assembly not only as a teacher but as a student! Good luck to you.

P.S. You would make an excellent elementary school teacher!!!