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Teachers from Woodside Elementary share their pleasant thoughts about my elementary school assemblies and what their kids learned.

Tamara Robinett – Thank you so much for the funny, educational, engaging, interesting and artistic assembly you brought to Woodside Elementary School.  My third grade students thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  They are still talking about it and have put their art work in their binders for everyone to see.  Thank you again for bringing something different to the students and for making it entertaining for the teachers as well.

Sally Anne – Kyle Tiernan’s Drawing Secrets Revealed was a fantastic assembly for all grade levels.  The students thouroghly enjoyed the interactive assembly and the chance to participate as more than just an audience member.  Kyle Tiernan clearly knows how to captivate an audience as my students were entertained and engaged the whole time!  Not an easy task with fifth graders!  If you have never experienced an assembly like this before…do yourself and your students a favor and give Drawing Secrets Revealed a try.  Your students will thank you!

Ms. Colon – My students and I had a blast at your assembly.  My third graders had a lot of fun and they were extremely proud of their drawings.  I tell ya, they did better than me!  They are excited to take their pictures home to show their parents!  One student even said that she was going to give her best picture (the whale) to her mother.

The kids were so excited when we got back to our class, that I couldn’t bear to have them do any “class work” until they could color their pictures and share them with their classmates.