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“Your Children – Ages 5 to 12 – Will Illustrate 3 Refrigerator-Ready Pictures, During This Hassle Free, Proven, How To Draw Library Program”

Howdy, my name is Kyle Tiernan and I’ve been teaching kids how to draw with fully interactive school and library summer reading programs since 2003.  I do it full time, professionally, and am not a part time hobbyist.

The ultra-unique program I offer libraries is called “Drawing Secret’s Revealed” and it is a far cry from the typical lecture style program where a speaker or entertainer stands at the front of the room and does whatever it is they do as the kids watch passively.  (You know the type I am talking about – the ones that are all more or less exactly the same :  the performer does a magic trick or juggles or whatever and your kids just sit there and watch. From the kids viewpoint, these are often cool but extremely boring.)

During my library programs everyone (not just a handful of volunteers) literally draws right along with me as I lead them through a series of whimsical, fun, and entertaining drawing lessons.  It’s a whole lotta fun for the kids because they actually get to DO something, not just watch.

Here’s How It Works

Using an overhead projector and screen, I’ll lead the group step-by-step through three drawing lessons (usually of animals) tied together by a theme and stories galore.  As I draw up on the screen, your kids (school aged, 5 to 12-year olds) follow along with their own supplies, creating a booklet of drawings they can take home to show mom and dad.

The show lasts approximately 50 minutes and I can work with any size group… from ten kids to a thousand. (Typically in schools, I work with 500+ kids at a time with superb audience control so library crowds of any size are a breeze for me.)

And rest assured: I use a variety of mega-effective teaching strategies to keep everyone focused and on task throughout the entire performance.  (These strategies of engagement are so powerful, when I perform at schools, I am literally begged by teachers to do workshops for them to help make what they do more effective and impactful.)

Totally Hassle-Free

I bring everything for the audience.  You don’t need to worry about sharpening pencils, getting paper, or any of that — I’ll bring a special kind of drawing paper for all the kids to use, along with enough sharpened pencils for any size group!  If you have tables they can sit at, that works well… however… I also bring boards for everyone to use as lap-desks if they’d prefer to sit on the ground.

And.. I bring everything I need, too!  (A projector, a screen, and a portable sound system. A very, very simple and easy setup – takes about 8 minutes to get ready.)

Now – check this out:

Two MORE Awesome Things Are Going To Happen

Thing Number One:  You get PRIZES for your summer reading program! For excitement building effect, I bring six JUMBO (20×30 inch) poster-sized drawings of mine with me. And, at the end of the show, I’ll leave them with you and you can either use them as decorations around your library or you can raffle them off to the kids at the end of the summer reading program! Then…

Thing Number Two: Before I arrive, I’ll send you a copy of my list of “25 Great Books Every Kid Should Read.” (These are books I’ve hand picked as my favorites, based on their stories, illustrations and all ‘round awesomeness.) We can pull these books ahead of time and put them out on display… because at the end of the show, I’m going to…

Encourage The Kids To Check ‘Em Out!

 You see – many kids ask me how I learned how to draw. And, one of the things I used to do as a kid, and what I still do now, is read great children’s books, and try to emulate the wonderful pictures inside.  It’s a fantastic way to get the kids reading and drawing!

So Here’s What You Get

  1. One Fully Interactive, 50 minute, “How To Draw” Summer Reading Program Performance geared for children ages 5-12…
  2. Six JUMBO sized pieces of original artwork to use as Raffle Prizes at the end of your Summer Reading Program…
  3. My list of 25 Great Books Every Kid Should Read to get the kids stoked about drawing and reading…
  4. Special drawing paper and pencils for all the children to use during the shows…
  5. Plus – you’ll get my PROVEN attendance-boosting flyers and promotional posters so you don’t have to worry about creating any!  The promo posters are 20×30 inches and the flyer is a specially designed, custom for your library, half-sheet you can stick in your patrons books as they check out during the week before the performance.

This unique, one of a kind, children’s library performance is available to Southern California libraries throughout the year, but especially for dates during their Summer Reading Program.  The cost is a flat $357 and includes everything above.

Do this now:

My schedule fills very fast during the school year… and even faster over summer.  I’ve already begun scheduling libraries for summer of 2013, so it’d be best to get in touch with me right away to reserve your ideal date.  The best way to contact me is by email, or you can give me a call at the number below.

Alright – talk soon,